Today's Thoughts

     I just read my first post again. I had to read it again because it has been so long since I wrote it. I tend to procrastinate just a wee bit. However, I am writing another post. One of my life sayings is, "something is better than nothing".

My thoughts for today...
      I have finished two commissioned pieces recently. I can't describe the anguish, determination, fear and joy doing commissioned pieces causes within me. I hear what the individual wants and I am determined with all my heart to give it to them. These last two pieces both individuals had very specific request for their painting. I don't know how other Artist feel, but I always fear not being able to achieve what the person is requesting. The entire time I a praying, "Lord, help me!". The second one was totally wrong the first time. I personally didn't like it myself. I contacted the individual and expected a "Thanks, but no thanks". But they didn't say that, instead they took the time to give me an example of one they liked off my website and even sketched out what they wanted. Instead of dread, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of determination to give them exactly what they wanted. I began to ask God to guide my hands. I have to work very quickly because I have very little time before I have to bring out the blow torch and fire my work, so, it will shine like glass. I work with Epoxy Resin. I loved the piece when I finished it. However with resin continues to flow until it starts to set and you have to wait to see how it finally looks after the flowing process ceases.  It's totally in God's hands at this point. I went upstairs to see it this morning and I liked it myself. I figured if the individual who requested it didn't like it, I could always sell it to someone else.

Here comes the joy...

     I sent him a video and picture of it. He responded with these words, "let me say wow!!! Amazing. You captured the essence of what I was looking for".
Now if you are an Artist yourself, you understand the joy with a text like that. The first commissioned piece was an anniversary gift and his wife loved it. Their is no greater joy for me than to make a person happy with my work. And at this point I say, "To God be the Gory". If you read this, thank you, and may God bless you and your.


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