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     I was given a book today by a dear friend who actually wrote the book. The title of the book is, Miscellaneous Ramblings from a Slightly Deranged Mind, by Ronald Earl Wilsher.  If you know Ronald, the title makes perfect sense. After he had signed the book, he said, "Let's see what the saying is for the day you were born". Here is what it was...

"Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible
 tells me so. And I know it in my heart and I can 
feel it in my soul..."

Wow! You see I quit my job and started painting full time because I felt like God was calling me to use my talent. I was scared! I felt I wasn't an Artist I was just good with my hands.  How can painting honor God? But, I could not get it off my mind to paint full time. I finally heard, "If you don't trust me, I will quit calling you to paint". I quit my job and it helped, a lot, that God has given me a very supportive husband. 
     I got a landing page, about four years ago, when I started painting fultime as a way for people to find me in one easy location.  This landing page has a blog icon that I thought was useless, but the person that helped set it up for me told me to keep it on my page; I might want to use it someday. About a year ago I started feeling this nudge within my heart to start writing a blog. I laughed it off and moved on. The nudge became stronger. Inside, I am screaming... I can't write, I can't even spell well, what could I possibly have to say, everything I have is because of you God and you aren't very popular among the "artsy" crowd, I won't be able to sell art if people know I am a Jesus freak... All I heard was, "trust me". 
     I met with the person who set up my landing page and asked them how to use the blog. They told me I could remove it if I wanted to, but I said, "No, I think I'm being told to use it". The person who helps me with my landing page is Ronald, my friend who gifted me his book. When I read the above saying that was written on my date of birth, I knew God was wanting me to write a blog and not to be afraid to let others know that I believe in Him. I don't know if anyone will read it, but, if you do, I hope it inspires you to walk with God and use the talents He has given you. It will just be about my journey up to this point and onward as an artist walking with God. My Thoughts, fears, struggles and joys. It may just be rambling, but I will trust God and blog. Today is my first day. I end with asking God to bless all of you and yours.


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